...The Cooperativa Regional dos Cafeicultores do Vale do Rio Verde - COCARIVE was founded on 7 May 1961, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Union and pioneering rural producers of Carmo de Minas and region which intend to transform the coffee place in pole of reference both for productivity and excellence in the production of high quality coffees, thereby promoting the development of this important microregion of southern Minas Gerais, which is situated on the slopes of the Serra da Mantiqueira near the headwaters of Río Verde and exuberance of their land, very fertile and generous, driven by the excellent climate features mild, long has been devoting to main area of production of fine coffees.

...Counting today, with 587 cooperated in their warehouses of COCARIVE receives an average annual production of 120,000 bags of Arabica coffee cherries, among natural and peeled, entrusted to staging and marketing.

  It also has direct and ongoing collaboration of its 48 employees from various levels of training, among which agronomists and agricultural technicians who provide essential services targeted technical assistance to coffee, work on the ground, spreading and improving modern farming techniques So that the properties to obtain better rates of both productivity and quality, perfectly in tune with nature and the environment.
  For reprocessing and preparation of coffee arriving in their stores, COCARIVE regard to modern and appropriate infrastructure facilities, which are essential to the processing of virtually all production of its members, pre-cleaning and grooming the electronic selection of coffee beans
      Your store products, necessary for activity of cooperative farms, ensures the supply of inputs and all other items necessary for the correct handling of coffee, effectively.

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